Kindan no Kajitsu (live-limited single)

Kindan no Kajitsu (live-limited single)

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* Late 11/2019 〜 Early 12/2019 scheduled shipping.

[Preorder item] Planned to be shipped in late November. glamscure x La'veil MizeriA split single sold at their twoman live in April 2017. Features fully-rearranged cover versions of popular songs of both bands. ※海外限定商品です。日本国内へ発送はできませんのでご了承ください。 Tracklist: 1. Jubakukyou / glamscure (La'veil MizeriA cover) 2. Yuutsusa no Naka ni Kakureta Honnou / La'veil MizeriA (glamscure cover)